3 Life-Changing Diaper Hacks to Save Parents From Mess!

Giving birth to your child is a big blessing to the family and so you record even the smallest moments you have with your little one until you discover a big mess on your baby in what we call, poop blowouts or rashes on the skin!

So we rounded up a few diaper hacks you can try at home to make parenting fun!

toddliebaby diaper nadine samontePhoto credit: Nadine Samonte

Hack #1: Get a Good Diaper Fit

A diaper that is too small is prone to leaks since there isn’t enough absorbent material to absorb all the pee. On the other hand, a diaper too big may absorb all the waste but may not fit comfortably on your little one.

To make sure you have a fit diaper you should check the following:

  • The diaper is in the center and looks symmetrical
  • Make sure that the cuffs are neatly untucked and are between your baby’s legs
  • The diaper has a comfortable elastic waistband to ensure a snug, secure fit like Toddliebaby Diapers
  • The tabs should be fastened properly on the waistband

Hack #2: Diaper Strips help identify whether the diaper is full

Did you know that a baby urinates up to 20 times a day? This means that you have to check your baby every 2-3 hours. You will have to open up the diaper to check whether the nappy is full already. How inconvenient is that?

If you notice the yellow lines at the center of the diaper, it is called the wetness indicator. Its purpose is to let you know whether the diaper is full when it changes color from yellow to blue.

This feature is a must-have for many parents as your baby goes through as many as 10-12 diapers a day. I love that Toddliebaby Diapers have this feature since it is so helpful especially in the nighttime when you are half awake and need that extra help.

toddliebaby diaper

Hack #3: Switch to Cloth-like Diapers

Conventional diaper brands contain harmful chemicals such as plastics, perfumes, and chlorines which can be a contributing factor to diaper rash. Beyond the chemical exposure to your baby’s skin, many diapers are not breathable which results in the moisture and heat getting trapped in the baby’s skin thereby getting diaper rash. Cloth-like diapers make a big difference when it comes to dealing with rashes.

Toddliebaby Diapers don’t use Phthalates or DEHP, which are plastic softeners on the top and back sheets, hence you won’t have that plastic feel on the nappies. Not to mention, the feathery soft cotton and breathable liner that rapidly funnels the moisture away keeps your baby’s skin smooth and hydrated.

Why not give these diaper hacks a try and share this article with fellow mommies and make #ParentingEasier!

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