This Toddler Influencer Has Received Php670,000 Worth of Freebies So Far

We all know that some influencers make a lot of money and get a lot of freebies, but toddler influencer Parker George is one of the youngest Instagram influencers to receive major Instalove. Parker’s mom, Natasha Maxwell, started his account when he was only eight months old as a mere platform to share his pictures with their loved ones.

The account has 16.9K followers as of writing and is filled with adorable photos of him and their family. According to his mom, they have already been sent £10,000 (around Php670,000) worth of products in exchange for posts and these include designer clothes for kids, tickets for shows and different attractions, and even home equipment.

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HATERS… this was his face when I told him people thought he wasn’t allowed to be a toddler.. ? on a serious note, the love and support I have had since the newspaper articles went out is amazing and I thank every single one of you that supports what we do. There are however inevitably some crazy and ignorant people out there that believe the absolute shite they are writing ? Child exploitation…. seriously, I don’t use my son for anything especially not financial gain! Half of our followers must be pedophiles… I can categorically say 95% of my followers are other mommas also sharing beautiful photos of their babies. Even if by any chance any of my followers are pedophiles, what would they gain from my page? He isn’t showing anything and I am careful of the content I upload. I could walk into any supermarket and see a baby in a nappy on a nappy pack, how is it any different! Parker is not allowed to be a baby.. he’s the happiest most content baby I know, it takes me 5 mins to take a photo! He’s not constantly clean or his hair combed, he’s as snotty as the next 1year old. This all been said the comments have given me more laughs than tears but please, just think what your trolling could do to someone. Thanks again Tasha ❤️❤️

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Natasha says that she never started the account for the fame, though, but for her love of photography and the mere desire to share his photos with their friends and family. While it isn’t clear, even to Natasha, why her son’s Instagram account has gotten so popular; we have to say that he really is simply adorable. Check out his Instagram account at

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