Today is World Hello Day so Take That Chance and Say Hi!

Pabebe Wave

November 21 is World Hello Day, which makes it the perfect excuse to slide into your crush’s DMs to say hi.

While World Hello Day may sound light and fun, it traces its history to something more serious and inspiring.

The day was started in 1973 by Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack, who wanted to highlight the importance of using communication to resolve conflicts instead of force. They were motivated to implement it after the Yom Kippur War, a battle between Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel in 1973. The brothers sent 1,360 letters in seven languages to government leaders worldwide, encouraging them to promote communication instead of violence. Since its launching, it is now celebrated on November 21 in 180 countries.

The mechanics of World Hello Day is simple: greet 10 people today. One of them could be your crush. Who knows what could happen???

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