To The Single Peeps: Are You Guilty Of Joining The “Drafting Season”?

Another day, another dating trend. As the -Ber months approach, many of us try hard to avoid the “Samahang Malamig ang Pasko” group, and find someone to cuddle with during the Christmas season.

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The desire to spend the holidays with a significant other, instead of staying single or playing the field during Christmastime is what is called as the “cuffing season”. Meanwhile, yet a new and timely dating trend is emerging, which is called as the “drafting season” — you’re literally “drafting” or picking a partner to date seriously and share the cuffing season with!

Although drafting season doesn’t sound as toxic or manipulative as other dating trends like ghosting, it does help to be aware of these trends, as you may be committing them without realizing them.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Gee, it would be nice to have someone special by Christmas” and then you begin to download Tinder or actively go to parties to search for that prospective SO, then that’s joining the drafting season without realizing it. Although it doesn’t sound so bad, there are those horrible people who look for someone to share warmth with during the cool season — and then dump them just when summer rolls around the corner.

Have you participated in drafting season? Let us know!