To Breathe Anew: ACEL Releases Her Self-Produced Single on Her Birthday

Healing takes time, and this emotion of sadness moves like waves that come back again and again, and we will never know when we will get to that point of complete healing and acceptance. 

In this season where so many people have lost their loved ones, “Bawat Paghinga,” which is Acel Bisa-van Ommen’s newest single, is an embrace to those who are grieving. This is Acel’s way to cry and mourn with those who are fighting to move on – deciding every day to continue to breathe and live even in the absence of that loved one.

song cover art

Song cover art by Jess Mejia

“Bawat Paghinga” is also very special because Acel self-produced it under her own label, Tenzi Records. It is set to be released on her birthday (August 28) which marks her 26th year in making music. It is also the first track of a collaboration project EP that Acel has been working on with four different producers. This particular song is a collaboration with 21-year-old music producer from Cebu, Gil Andrie. Acel’s very good friend, Yeng Constantino, also joins the team as the vocal producer of the song. 

When I heard one of Gil Andrie’s works on Youtube, I looked for him on Facebook and asked if he’d be open to collaborate with me. He said it would be his first time to work on a slower song tempo and he would love to take on the challenge,” Acel ruminates.

Gil Andrie is a music producer who started his music journey when he was just 9 years old doing beats and remixes. From 2013 to 2015 he started working more on EDM and original songs and gained more experience when he started collaborating with other indie-artists.

“I also wanted Yeng to be part of this because it is really better if there is someone who’d check on you while recording vocals. They hear something that you don’t hear and so you get more
ideas with regards to better phrasing and adlibs,” said Acel.

Acel photo 1

Photo by Vinci Laureta

Singer-songwriter Acel Bisa van Ommen, is known for OPM hits “Torete”, “Pag-Ibig Kong Ito,” “One Love” and her version of Rico Blanco’s ‘Your Universe.’

Her newest single offers a sound that is very different from the organic pop-rock sound Acel is usually known for. This track will take you back to the 80s era of synths and beats. It’ll give you that vintage vibe mixed with modern pop stamped with Acel’s signature melodies and vocals.

“At the very end of the song, those who are grieving can shout out that pain along with me as I give that last cry. Through this song, I pray for that healing and comfort from Heaven to flow as we let go.”

Click the Pre-save link of Bawat Paghinga: (to be released on Aug.28, 2021).

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