TO A T Premieres on FOXlife January 2018 (Your Guide on How Best to Fit in from the Outside!)


This January 14, prepare to shift your weekend gears to smooth cruise control as FOXlife’s newest travel and lifestyle authority, TO A T maxes out all the mileage you can get out of any typical Sunday mornings from 09:30 to 10 AM.

Presented in four visually vibrant and informative segments, TO A T is geared to become the quintessential 30-minute “Travel-to-do-List” showcase for this generation’s globally-savvy travel and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Each well-crafted TO A T story takes audiences to the edge of their seats – as well as to the world’s top travel destinations – with its trademark “vivacious & adventurous” flavor combo.


Produced by TV8 Media Productions, TO A T is the latest addition to the production outfit’s roster of original programs that include Health Matters (ABS-CBN News Channel) and Business Matters (Bloomberg), among many others.

Hosted by Filipino-British actor and model Sig Aldeen (Destiny Rose, GMA 7 and Swak na Swak ABS-CBN), TO A T is set to be the versatile redefinition of today’s modern travel itinerary.

Especially formatted to reinvigorate the global traveler’s wanderlust, TO A T infuses each episode with its excitingly fresh, trademark “in-the-moment” fast-paced cinematic style and nuanced narrative set in chic, contemporary tones.

Apart from dishing out entertaining, insightful, and informative content, the show also provides practical tips & tricks to keep audiences in the know with the latest in health, beauty, and fashion trends.

TO A T showcases drool-worthy fashion trends and tech gears & gadgets; the latest in thrill-filled escapades and culturally colorful adventures, and; the hippest hangouts set against backdrops that come alive with images from the most vivid and fast-paced of urban landscapes to the most soothing delights of picturesque rural vistas.

TO A T is the perfect fit for practically everybody who loves top travel destinations and trendy lifestyle tips!

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