TNT Launches TNT Extend Promo with #AlDub!

TNT Launches TNT Extend Promo with #AlDub 3


Imagine this: You’re watching AlDub, the country’s hottest love team and kalyeserye, and you’re madly tweeting away when…. you run out of mobile data. It’s an annoying problem to have, especially when you’re rooting for a love team that can pull in 12 million tweets in one episode.

The Philippines holds the records for being the social media capital and the selfie capital (Makati) of the world, so it’s understood that Filipinos are addicted to posting status updates on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and posting photos on Instagram. And with a love team as kilig-worthy as Alden Richrds and Maine Mendoza (popularly known as Yayadub), Filipinos need a network that will let them be part of the action in real time.


TNT Launches TNT Extend Promo with #AlDub 2

TNT Launches TNT Extend Promo with #AlDub


TNT, the country’s largest value brand under Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), formally launched AlDub as its news endorsers, bannering TNT Extend, its latest promo that allows subscribers nationwide to extend their existing favorite promo subscriptions for only P5 per day.

With TNT Extend, mobile users now have the most affordable way of stretching their bonding moments with their katropas and family, as well as prolonging their exchanges with their loved ones, be it through call, text or mobile internet – all without worrying about promo expiration.

To apply, subscribers only need to text EXTEND to 4545. TNT Extend applies to UnliTxt, Gaan Text, Gaan UnliTxt, UnliTxt2All, and UnliTalk promos.

For the social media capital of the Philippines, a promo that allows users to extend their existing promo is important, especially for AlDub fans who want to join the conversation over #AlDubBattleforaCause or #AlDubMostAwaitedDate. These call and text offers of TNT give users an outlet to express their feelings about the trending topics anytime. While existing promos that offer unlimited calls and texts are awesome, extending promos is even more awesome!

As the #AlDub kalyeserye becomes more exciting, more and more tweets are expected to come, and it won’t be surprising if we break the current record of tweets, which clocked in at 12 million during #AlDubMostAwaitedDate. TNT is #AlDubNation’s partner in spreading the word and more importantly, the kilig!

For more information on : #ALDUBForTNT, #ALDUBForTALKNTEXT, and  #TNTExtend, please visit https://tntph.com/pages/extend.

Watch the commercial featuring #AlDub below: