Tips for Men: What to Wear for Road to Ultra

The Road to Ultra is near and when you’ve scored your tickets and called your buddies, the next thing on your mind should be “what to wear?” Dress up or dress downit’s simply a matter of choice. A festival, by definition, is a day of celebration; to be “festive.” So here’s our list of the basic clothing essentials from what we deem most important to least.

Ultra Essentials for Men

The Road to Ultra What to Wear

5. Comfortable shoes

With Road to Ultra being the first international festival brand to come to our shores, we can expect a huge space to cover. It’s no surprise that the first big essential to your rave attire should be your shoe game. It’s not enough that your shoe game is on point, it should also have the endurance to take much of walking, dancing, and standing of a 12-hour event. Fashion over comfort? Why not have both?

4. Shorts or Breathable Pants

Arguably, the best festival bottom wear for men would always have to be board shorts or beach shorts. Not only are they comfortable and light, but they also dry up quickly should rain come. This is why it’s important to wear shorts or breathable bottoms. Jeans can start becoming uncomfortable after sweat and moisture; plus, they stink after drying.

3. Loose Shirts or Tank Tops

The “sando” in past Filipino culture has always been a simple undergarment. In recent years, though, it has become the staple festival piece. It covers just enough skin, allows your body to breath, yet still send the message out there of your personality. From statements, logos, and prints, there are multiple styles to choose from. But if you aren’t the “arms out, guns-blazing” kind of guy then a loose tee is your best bet. It’s important to cover up, even just a bit, to shade yourself from sun rays and chilly winds.

2. Scarf or Bandana

Not only can your scarf or bandana be an accessory, it can be of many things. Getting too sweaty from shuffling for hours? Wipe yourself with it or let it hold your hair out of your face. Need an emergency bandage or gauze? Wrap it around the wound. A simple cloth can be used in so many ways. Scarf technology can even give you 25 options with a single scarf.

1. Accessorize

It is a festival after all! From masks, to headdresses, Mardi Gras bead necklaces will always be the best way to be yourself and flaunt it. Why settle for your everyday glasses when you can level up the light show and effects with refracted lenses?

From sun-up to sun-down, complement fashion with comfort. Got your own festival outfit tips? Share it with us in the comments!

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