6 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Ideal University 

The choices you make today play a huge role in determining your future. When it comes to your education, picking where to go to college is one of the most important decisions for any student to make

Industries such as business and health sciences are always looking for emerging talent. As these fields continue to integrate emerging technologies, new jobs stand to be created – opening more opportunities for students of either discipline. 

Tips and Tricks Choosing Ideal University Mapua

At the same time, recent studies have shown that Filipino students desire opportunities to learn new skills and study flexible programs. In today’s landscape, many are actively seeking out advantages that will give them a competitive edge over other future job applicants. 

With so many schools to choose from, courses to major in, student organizations, extra-curricular activities, and impact on future employment, the number of considerations to weigh before deciding on a school can be overwhelming. It’s certainly not an easy task, but this guide can help you focus on what you need out of your college experience to get a clearer picture of the right school for you. 

Choosing your course should be one of, if not the most important thing to consider when it comes to finding a college. Whether it’s business, health sciences, or something else altogether,

you want to make sure it’s one that’s relevant to your interests to ensure that you’ll be enjoying the challenge of taking on your coursework. 

Once you’ve chosen your course, you can narrow down potential colleges by seeing what schools offer it, and which among them have strong reputations in that field. You can also check course content and curricula to help narrow down your search even more. 


Do you want to study close to home? Does the prospect of living on your own sound enticing to you? A school’s location is also an important consideration to take into account when choosing a college. Do you enjoy the buzz of being in a big city, or prefer the pace of living in a quieter provincial town? It’s best to explore the pros and cons of both because choosing a college in a location that appeals to you will only enrich your overall college experience. 

Certain schools have extensive networks with branches in different parts of the country. If a university has a branch near your place of residence, you won’t have to travel far to get your education. At the same time, advancements in technology make resources more accessible. 


Having the right facilities in place can help foster a learning environment that supports a student’s holistic growth. When narrowing down your choices for college, it’s good to check whether the schools you’re eyeing have labs, research centers, or specialized areas tailored to your desired course.

Opportunities to socialize 

Alongside education, student life is a big factor that goes into your overall college experience. Check what schools offer in terms of activities outside the classroom. Search what kinds of events different schools mount and whether there are any organizations or societies that match your personal interests. 

Tips and Tricks Choosing Ideal University Mapua

Beyond school orgs and events, certain universities also offer internships, exchange programs, and study abroad initiatives. These efforts help students build a personal and professional network that could prove to be important as they start to build their future careers. 


A college education isn’t cheap. Beyond tuition fees, there are lots of miscellaneous expenses you’ll need to take care of such as application fees, lab fees, the costs of school supplies, lodging, as well as commuting expenses going to and from your desired school. 

It’s important to consider all those probable costs in your college search. To help lighten the financial load, look at the scholarships and financial aid opportunities that schools make available to incoming students to see if there are any you can qualify for.


Having a good reputation is an indicator of how colleges are viewed by different stakeholders. Not only does a good reputation have the power to influence student and faculty recruitment, but it also opens doors for colleges to enjoy opportunities such as research grants and global partnerships with other universities which can enrich their educational quality. 

One good way to check on a college’s reputation is by looking at worldwide university rankings. They provide a snapshot of a school’s standings in the academic world and give students insight into an institution’s strengths and weaknesses across different capabilities.   

How to find “the one”

The ideal university should be able to check all the boxes of the considerations mentioned above. However, it all boils down to you and where you see yourself in your college years. For the benefit of today’s students, colleges are making world-class education accessible and opening opportunities for learners to build their networks both here and abroad. 

Institutions such as Mapúa University are bringing forth globally competitive students ready to advance their careers. Counting ease of application, a range of schools across its network, a ranking among the world’s top universities, and a rich tradition of academic excellence under its credentials, Mapúa University also offers learners to broaden their horizons thanks to its groundbreaking collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) collaboration. 

Tips and Tricks Choosing Ideal University Mapua

By partnering with the #1 university in the US for innovation for nine years running, business and health sciences learners from Mapúa University can become ready to take on challenges of industries and societies across the globe. Future business leaders can benefit from global immersion, real-world experiential learning, and digital mastery – combined through holistic educational formation that creates future-ready business professionals both in the Philippines and around the world. To cater to the demands of the evolving healthcare space, Mapúa University’s collaboration with ASU is focused on global immersion, digital mastery, and a commitment to shaping healthcare leaders. Combined with integrated teaching models, degree programs under the collaboration empower students to be practice-ready with the skills for success even before their first patient interaction. 

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