Timothy Bradley Endorses Pacquiao in Senate Race; Check out What he Says

It seems Pacquiao has an unexpected supporter for his race for a senate seat. And it’s the man he had just recently faced in the ring: Timothy Bradley.

According to reports, Timothy Bradley endorsed Pacquiao before their match last Sunday, saying that Pacquiao deserves a seat in senate (though he says “Governor of the Philippines”) because he has more to offer the Filipino people.

“He’s truly –to me–the only one out there that’s gonna do right for the Filipino people, and the Philippines… he has shown, over and over, that he’s for the people, he’s by the people, and that he’s a man of his word; and he’s always shown that.” Bradley said.

You can catch what he said in full in the video below (it starts at 13:47)

What can you say about Bradley’s statement? Agree or Disagree?