Timeline by Praxis: A Spoken Word Play that Explores Love and Relationship in the Time of Social Media

When we look back on our past, what stands out? Meaningful events and accomplishments are almost always surrounded by the glow of our relationships during those times, to the extent that many of us can segment our history by identifying who our friends were at those specific periods in our lives. Even though the past can get fuzzy, our increasingly digital lives guarantee that our memories will live on, easily accessible, although sometimes lacking in context.

This is where Charles, Tracy, Kay, Trisha, and Norben find themselves – a college barkada looking back on the relationships that were, could have been, and never will be again. Join them as they examine digital artifacts: Facebook posts, Instagram pics, and tweets, to study how they all came together and how it all fell apart. Scroll back with them in TIMELINE.

TIMELINE is a devised play about friendship in the age of social media, written and performed by spoken word artists. It is an inventive fusion of theater and epistolary literature, where stories are told through letters and documents – in this case, presented as a mystery that the audience will be invited to solve.

The play stars Rachel Coates, Isa Almazan, Justin Ayran, CJ Maramara, and Simone Sales, under the direction of Jay Crisostomo IV (God of the Machine, Ang Prinsipito, End of the Gallows). Play dates are Feb 9, 10, 16 (7 pm) and 17 (4:30 pm and 7 pm), and will be staged at DITO: Bahay ng Sining, J. Molina St, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.

The play touches on nostalgia, memory, and how we deal with our past through social media, an experience that is no doubt relatable to millennials and Gen Z, whose primary interactions with friends are online. Additionally, spoken word poetry’s continuous popularity among people from this generation will draw even more of them to the play.

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