Time Paradox Costume Ball by the UST CFAD





Time Paradox was a fun filled and successful event brought by the College of Fine arts and Design Student Council and it happened on November 16, 2012 held at the Quezon City Sports Club.

It had lots of fun games, food, drinks, great people, great costumes and a whole night of partying.

The event was covered and photographed by no other than Zoomburst , a CFAD alumni group of photographers. There were also special performances by proud local CFAD bands and of course a special appearance by Up Dharma Down-one of the hottest OPM bands famous not only in the local scene but now worldwide.

The night was filled with enjoyment and partying because it was the first ever costume ball party held by UST’s College of Fine Arts and Design and overall it was a success. Thanks to all who made the event happen, all its sponsors and all the students who came and enjoyed the event; May the CFAD look forward to more parties like this in the future.

Time Paradox Costume Ball by the UST CFAD 

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