TIME-LINED: Fresh, classic rucksacks

Trends never die, and classics will always make a recurring comeback. When In Manila, be sure to check out Time-lined. Their fresh take on timeless, veteran-inspired rucksacks should be a definite addition to any closet.



Bags of all colors and sizes are a constant staple in any girl’s wardrobe, but I’ve never considered backpacks a fashion statement until I came across the brand. As a traveler, I’m always moving from one city to another (check out my travel essentials here and here), and I needed a bag that could compliment my lifestyle without sacrificing its aesthetic quality nor its primary function. I was looking for two things: style and durability. Time-lined kicked it old school with their trendy designs, but will it make a durable companion?




I decided to debut the rucksack on my recent trip out of Manila. Aside from my check-in luggage, I needed a bag aboard the plane to host my laptop, DSLR camera, and other necessities such as my makeup and wallet. To my delight, Time-lined delivered with ease. Aside from the main compartment (which can carry large items), there are two other smaller pockets in the outer layer of the rucksack, allowing you to conveniently store your belongings. 




Throughout the trip, my rucksack became my best friend. The muted, earthly colors made it easy to mix and match with whatever I chose to wear. Time-lined’s rucksacks also come in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to pick one out that’s suited perfectly to your own style. When In Manila, be sure to cop one of these versatile pieces before the summer season ends.






TIME-LINED: Fresh, classic rucksacks