TikTok Rising Campaign Empowers Filipino Artists and Fosters OPM Community

In a world where social media has become integral to the music industry, TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile videos, has emerged as a vital platform for both established and rising artists. With its unique reach and innovative features, TikTok has transformed the way music is discovered, shared, and celebrated.

The platform’s TikTok Rising campaign exemplifies its commitment to showcasing and empowering OPM (Original Pilipino Music) talent. Through a series of initiatives, including curated playlists, live performances, and artist spotlights, TikTok celebrates the rich diversity of sounds and stories from the Philippines’ vibrant music scene.

Tiktok Rising

According to Christo Putra, Product Strategy Lead at TikTok Artist Services SEA, “TikTok serves as a launchpad for artists, providing them with a global stage to share their music and connect with fans like never before. It’s not just about exposure; it’s about empowering artists to pursue their passions and reach new heights in their careers.”

Spotlighting Filipino Talent

TikTok’s mission is to provide a platform for Filipino musicians to amplify their voices and share their stories globally. As part of the TikTok Rising campaign, TikTok organized a music showcase to celebrate OPM talents and creators who captured the hearts of Filipinos and beyond.

The showcase brought together some of the country’s most promising talents, including Lola Amour, Denise Julia, Toneejay, Maki, Clara Benin, Kenaniah, Janine, Nameless Kids, and Jason Dhakal — artists whose music resonates with the global audience on TikTok, contributing to their widespread recognition. Their songs became anthems that captivated listeners and sparked trends, showcasing the incredible diversity and talent within the local music community.

Tiktok Rising Denise Julia

Tiktok Rising

“Recognizing the transformative power of Filipino music to resonate globally, TikTok serves as a dedicated space where local artists can flourish, connecting with fans on a profound level and establishing meaningful connections,” emphasized Putra. “Our goal is to provide an avenue for artists to thrive and amplify their impact on the global stage.”

“TikTok has helped me connect with my fans and build my identity as Denise Julia. It’s started a movement of Morenas, baddies all over the country. I’m thankful for it,” shared Denise Julia.

Bridging Communities Through Music

TikTok’s commitment to celebrating local music goes beyond the TikTok Rising campaign. Through its platform, TikTok fosters connections between artists and fans, providing a space for genuine engagement and community building.

The platform’s Artist Account feature equips artists with a suite of promotional tools, enabling them to forge meaningful connections with their audience. From providing behind-the-scenes insights into their creative process to direct interaction with fans, TikTok offers artists opportunities for engagement and connection.

Putra emphasized, “TikTok creates an immersive environment where artists can foster direct connections with fans, nurturing authentic relationships that extend beyond geographic limitations. It’s about empowering artists to cultivate genuine connections with their audience, propelling their careers to new heights.”

Toneejay noted, “TikTok has really helped us reach our target audience — these kids that we wouldn’t reach anyway if TikTok didn’t exist.” Similarly, Maki shared, “As an indie artist, it took a while for me to discover what content I would make on TikTok. But as time goes by, people will find their way to you.”

Promoting Artist Visibility

TikTok prioritizes artist visibility and engagement through various features aimed at enhancing discoverability, providing a seamless platform for music enthusiasts to explore new tracks and delve into the stories behind their favorite songs.

The #BehindTheSong hashtag on TikTok hosts content from talented songwriters and music makers, inspiring prolific songwriters to share how they create their unique sounds and globally renowned tracks. With over 2 billion views, the hashtag has become a go-to destination for music enthusiasts to explore the creative process behind their favorite songs.

Similarly, the Music Tab on TikTok curates artists’ catalogs, making it easier for fans to access and discover their music. This feature ensures that new music is automatically added, providing seamless engagement for fans to explore and enjoy their favorite tracks.

TikTok’s Add-to-Playlist feature also allows music fans to save songs they discover on the platform to their preferred music streaming service. With partnerships with major music streaming services like Amazon Music and Spotify, users can seamlessly transition from TikTok to their preferred music app, ensuring they never miss out on their favorite tracks.

“Artist discovery is at the heart of what we do,” explained Putra. “Whether it’s through viral challenges, trending hashtags, or curated playlists, TikTok is constantly uncovering new talent and amplifying their voices.”

“TikTok helped a lot during the pandemic. We went viral twice sharing the story behind our song, ‘Pwede Ba?’ And our song ‘Fallen’ went viral after someone posted a video of us performing it. That’s when things picked up for us,” recounted Lola Amour.

Moreover, TikTok’s hashtag culture is significant in music discovery. Hashtags like #NewMusic have garnered billions of views, making them go-to destinations for discovering new releases and previews from artists worldwide. This emphasis on discovery ensures that emerging talents have a platform to showcase their music and connect with fans.

“As TikTok continues to evolve and innovate, our ambition remains steadfast in promoting artists and nurturing a vibrant and inclusive music community. The TikTok Rising campaign is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey ahead for OPM talent on TikTok,” claimed Putra.

To discover more about TikTok Rising and explore the diverse world of OPM talent on TikTok, click here. Join TikTok in celebrating creativity, innovation, and the boundless talent of the OPM community on the platform!