TikTok Partners with the Department of Tourism to Boost Philippine Tourism

Written by Patricia Yap

The “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign of the Department of Tourism (DOT)  has been a long-standing and effective tourism campaign here in the country–but it’s only gonna get better! 

On December 12, 2019 at the Manila Hotel, the Department of Tourism together with the short-form video sharing application TikTok formed a collaboration that hopes to boost  Philippine tourism even further.

TikTok Partners with the Department of Tourism to Boost Philippine Tourism 1

(Left) Donny Eryastha (Right) Lance Uyking

During this event, TikTok Head of Public Policy for the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Donny Eryastha, and DOT Assistant Secretary for Branding and Marketing Communications, Lance Uyking, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officially tie the partnership.

“By showcasing the beauty and wonders of the Philippines through the lens of users and influential creators, TikTok embraces cultural and geographical diversity as it transcends boundaries,” said Eryastha 

TikTok Travel

TikTok Travel official site interface (Check out their site: m.tiktok.com)

With TikTok’s global footprint spanning 154 countries, this campaign known as #TikTokTravel has already been launched in 90 of their 154-country reach as of today. 

And the Philippines is ecstatic to finally be a part of this! 

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maldives of the philippines

Juag Lagoon, the ‘Maldives’ of the Philippines in Matnog Sorsogon (Photo by Adit Azul)

Just imagine this: You’re simply enjoying your vacation in one of the country’s most breathtaking places in the Philippines, and you have your smartphone with you. You could easily whip out your phone, capture the moment, and immediately share how fun and beautiful it is in our country to billions of people in such a short amount of time. 

Onuk Island

Balabac, Palawan, “possibly ‘best’ beach in the Philippines”

Here, the campaign will focus on three main travel content: scenery, culture, and city—but who’s stopping you from going beyond this, right? 

Through TikTok you can now be an advocate for Philippine tourism. During your travels, you can share the most captivating and vast sceneries, provide an insight on the ever unique culture of the country’s people, and show the beauty and lights of the coolest cities in the Metro.

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TikTok Partners with the Department of Tourism to Boost Philippine Tourism 2

Local TikTok Creators in attendance of the signing

In support of this partnership, local TikTok creators Lennie Enverga, Cassie Barrameda, Shane Buhat, Sai Datinguinoo, Jiro Morato, Mikoy Uy, Chierald Tan, Simon Javier, Alyssa Profeta, and TikTok All-Stars Champion for Talent Yanyan de Jesus joined the momentous event. 

As of right now, you can go to your TikTok app and check out what’s already been posted on #TikTokTravel! And yes, don’t forget to follow DOT’s official TikTok also @tourismphilippines. It really is more fun in the Philippines!

Twitter post via Visit Philippines | @TourismPHL

“I have no doubt our nation’s creative minds can make our 7,641 islands ‘go viral’ on the world on the world wide web. And with that, I’d like to challenge everyone to travel the country, whip out your phones, and capture in 15 seconds why ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’,” said Uyking. 

And to that we say—challenge accepted! 

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1 Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebus swimming pool

1 Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebus swimming pool

Movenpick Hotel in Mactan Island Cebu (Photos by Toni Chan)

As Filipinos, we’re the ones who know and understand just how amazing and diverse our country can be—meaning we should be at the forefront in promoting it. 

The Philippines is the home of the Filipino, and through our shared efforts on a global stage, WE can make the Philippines the home of every person all around the world.   

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We hope you can join in on this campaign. Now go and let our country be seen through you. Let us know your thoughts!