LOOK: This TikTok Chef Received a ‘Mystery Box’ and Netizens Have the Most Creative Guesses

Christmas came early for one of Tiktok’s favorite chefs!

Chef Marky TikTok Mystery

Screenshot from Chef Marky’s Facebook page

Chef Marky, a popular food content creator, recently posted a video of him receiving an intriguing package from Solane. Instead of revealing what’s inside, however, he left netizens in suspense as to what the mystery gift could be.

Chef Marky Mystery Box from Solane


Since Chef Marky decided to cook his very easy but tasty #LutongSolane pork and beans instead, Pinoys ended up just throwing out their own guesses. 

Here are a few of the wittiest comments:


Kitchenware 1 Kitchenware 2 Kitchenware 3 Kitchenware 4 Kitchenware 5

Some premium Solane cookware would go great with a Solane tank in the kitchen.

Solane Merchandise

Solane Merch 1 Solane Merch 2 Solane Merch 3 Solane Merch 4

Is it just a gift for Chef Marky or could Solane be expanding their product line?

Gripo Stock Dispenser

Gripo 1 Gripo 2 Gripo 3 Gripo 4

If Chef Marky got this, it would make it even easier for him to use his ever so popular “Gripo” Stock in his dishes.

Small Solane Tank

Solane Tank 1 Solane Tank 2 Solane Tank 3 Solane Tank 4

Could it be a small LPG tank that would let Chef Marky shoot his cooking videos wherever he wanted to?

While people have been patiently guessing what Chef Marky got, it looks like we have to wait a little more to find out what it is. Since the package came from Solane, one of the most trusted LPG brands in the country, you would think he got a #SolaneLPG tank, but the box looks too small and seems too light for that to be the case. Hmm. What do you think is in it? Send us your guesses in the comments section!

Solane LPG

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