Tier One Entertainment Explores Potential of Blockchain and NFT Space

Tier One Entertainment has put out surveys for both the community at large and blockchain developers, in order to gain insight into where the Web3 industry and zeitgeist of its territories is currently. You may find the surveys here: Community Survey and Blockchain Developer Survey.

Whether it’s the rise of play-to-earn games, NFTs—Web3, with its focus on user-centric creation and ownership of digital property—has been a driving force in the realm of digital content.

As a company predicated on exploring new opportunities, and with a proven track record of leading the esports industry in Southeast Asia, Tier One wants to make sure it knows as much as it can about what many are calling the future of the internet.

blockchain crypto currency headerPhoto by Pierre Borthiry on Unsplash

“We want to understand the point of view of successful and aspiring developers by getting their perspective on the following: Motivation on creating a project in Web3, challenges and priorities for a successful launch, and strategies to provide sustainability to the project/game, so that we can identify the synergies we can create with new and existing Web3 projects,” said Chezka Gonzales, Web3 Business Lead.

Tier One always strives to be trailblazers and trendsetters, but with over 100 million followers across all its platforms, it needed a survey to understand where its fans want to see it potentially take blockchain technology. On top of that, the expert opinions from its blockchain developer survey will provide invaluable insights on what opportunities Web3 offers that Web2 lacks.

On top of that, completing a survey will entitle users to one (1) raffle entry for a chance to win items from its BLCKBOX drops, including: Blacklist International jerseys, SIBOL jerseys, and other Tier One merchandise.

Tier One’s CEO, Tryke Gutierrez, has also been very hands-on when it comes to immersing himself in the world of blockchain, constantly doing his own research and attending events such as Singapore Blockchain Fest.

On Tier One’s crypto plans, he said that: “Position is key in anything and thus being able to meet people native in the space is our priority for now in order to give us a comprehensive understanding of the whole space.”

Additionally, he noted that “I’m super excited to further explore it but with thousands of communities behind us, we have to make sure that we do the proper due diligence to fully see the landscape first before we rally everyone into a certain direction. Exciting times ahead!”

While it’s too early to say what Tier One’s involvement in Web3 will be, you can follow Tier One Entertainment to get the latest news on its future plans:







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