Tide Philippines’ Potato Ad: Pinoy Humor at Its Finest

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and at its core were a slew of pranks released by various brands and websites. You may have read or even experienced the Google Mic Drop prank gone wrong, for example, or read a few of our own (Maria Ozawa is not holding auditions here, guys! :p) But one brand that kept things simple and light was Tide Philippines.

They released this witty ad yesterday to make people laugh instead of going down the regular April Fool’s Day prank route:

Tide Philippines Potato Ad

Eh sino yung leader ng mga potato? Potato Chief. (Chip) #TitoJoke

I don’t know about you, but I admittedly laughed quite loudly when I first saw it. :p

What’s the most memorable April Fool’s joke or prank that you came across yesterday?

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