#Throwbacktunes: 16 Filipino Alternative Rock Songs That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

It’s always music and me during Thursday and Friday. Why? These are the days I slow down from my busy week. Furthermore, I find listening to the songs of the 90s and early 2000s, some “me-time” sesh, as I get to reminisce about fun days during high school or crazy moments back in College.

While I find the songs of today relatively brilliant as the songs back in the day, I still find myself going back to my roots and listening to the songs of the 90s and early 2000s. Please don’t judge me, but most of the lyrics nowadays are repetitive and if not about “booty” it’s about”nae” or “bae.”

Interestingly, I’ve already shared two articles about my love for music but only featuring international artists.

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Today, I’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane. But this time, we will be listening to our homegrown talent, the Filipino Alternative rockstars!

Filipino Alternative rock bands of the 90s

Let’s start reminiscing, shall we?

16. Pagsubok, Orient Pearl

I must admit that when I was down before, I’d play this song and be cheerful again! Also, you can get so many #hugotlines from this song!

15. Session Road – Suntok Sa Buwan

Originally from Baguio, Session Road received recognition from fellow musicians. In 2004, Suntok sa Buwan was nominated Song of the Year.

14. Sponge Cola – Jeepney


13. Much Has Been Said, Bamboo

A popular band in 2000, Much Has Been said was one the singles released on their album, Light, Peace, Love. Although, this isn’t considered as “loud” as a rock song should be, but this song became popular and won the Best Ballad Recording during the Awit Awards 2006. Furthermore, the band received SOP Pasiklaband’s Best Rock Band in 2006.

12. The Day You Said Goodnight, Hale

This song paved their way to stardom. Apart from appearing in a TV commercial, the band, as well as, the song, The Day You Said Goodnight, got numerous nominations and music awards during their time.

Source: Youtube

11. Mata Ng Diyos, Wolfgang

Need I say more? Common, it’s Wolfgang. Everyone knows them, right?

10. Kwjan – Daliri

I love Marc Abaya. I just love his transparency and courage in writing songs and expressing his words. And, it really shows in his songs. One of which is their popular song, “Daliri” (fingers). The song constantly played on different radio stations and got nominated for Best Video NU Rock Awards and MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards,

9. True Faith – Huwag Na Lang Kaya

A famous band during the 90s, True Faith’s distinct and soulful performances, got them receiving awards and recognitions. The band’s lead vocalist, Medwin Marfil, captured the hearts of many due to his soft and cool voice.

8. Narda, Kamikazee

Known for their funny and crazy act, Kamikazee is no doubt one of the popular Filipino Rock bands in the Philippines. Although, this year is their last year performing, the songs and great memories will never be forgotten! Just like this song:

7. Barbie’s Cradle – Tabing Ilog

A local version of Dawson’s Creek, Tabing Ilog – both the song and show – became popular during the 90s. The band received a lot of awards in 3 consecutive years from 1999 to 2001.

6. After Image – Next in Line

5. Butterfly Carnival, Sandwich

In 1999, the song Butterfly Carnival won NU’s Song of the Year award. Why? To hear is to believe.

4. Ang Huling El Bimbo, by Eraserheads

Personally, Eraserheads will always be and remain the Filipinos most sought alternative rock band of all time! Most of their songs went number one and gained constant airplay, everywhere. One of the many achievements they got was to win the Viewer’s Choice Award for Asia from the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.

3. The Dawn – Salamat

The Dawn first started playing during the 80s and flourished during the 90s. According to some publications, The Dawn, headed by Jet Pangan, is considered the “longest-lived and most prolific rock band in the Philippines.”

2. Parokya Ni Edgar

I miss their songs, honestly, Thankfully, there are apps we could use to download such great music like this!

1. P.O.T’s Karl Roy – Yugyugan Na

Karl Roy was known as the lead vocalist of the famous bands, Advent Call, Kapatid, and P.O.T. He was also one of the most influential Filipino artists of all time. Unfortunately, according to reports, he passed away due to cardiac arrest. However, his songs and influence to fellow and aspiring musicians are still intact.

Sometimes, due to how busy we are nowadays, especially being 15 days before Christmas, it’s hard to find down time. For me, this is how I slow down and enjoy a cup of coffee – listening and reminiscing to some good old music.

So now that I’ve shared with you, some of the greatest Filipino alternative/rock songs and personalities we truly miss performing, it’s about time for you to share:

What is your favorite OPM rock song? Share your answers below!