Thousands Sign Petition For Disney to Let Young Fan Use Image of Spider-Man on Tombstone

Lately, a lot of petitions have been sprouting here and there for a 4-year-old Marvel fan who passed away. It calls for Disney to give permission for the family to use the image of Spider-Man on the child’s tombstone.

Ollie Jones, who died last December 2018 due to a rare genetic condition, was a huge fan of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. His family wanted to honor his memory by putting an etching of the Marvel character on Ollie’s tombstone.

Unfortunately, Disney did not agree to give the family permission to use their character’s image on the tombstone saying that it is against company policy that began with Walt Disney himself. The policy prevents people from using their characters on headstones, cemetery, or other memorial markers or funeral urns.

Some netizens thought that the child deserves to have his hero on his tombstone. They decided to help the grieving family by creating petitions that call for Disney to reconsider giving the Jones permission to use the image of Spider-Man. As of now, thousands of people have signed. If you want to count your name in, here is one of the petitions that you can sign – Allow Lloyd Jones to put a picture of Spider-Man on his four-year-old son’s gravestone

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Do you agree that Disney should give the family permission to use the image of Spider-Man in Ollie’s tombstone? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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