This woman sells baked goods and donates the earnings to those who need it most

“Hiraya sa Lansangan was the result of my love to serve the poor, and the frustration that their needs are often neglected,” says Kia Navarro, founder of the project. As soon as the lockdown began, Kia noticed that many people’s needs were unmet, especially those of the less fortunate. Because of this, she and her teammate decided to begin a food donation drive for the people in Sitio San Roque. After just a week and with the help of family and friends, she was able to raise PHP 106,150.

“We bought rice, cooking oil, and vegetables from local farmers for the soup kitchen in San Roque,” says Navarro.

Hiraya sa Lansangan

After the donation drive ended, they still had plenty of materials left. But instead of asking for people to donate again, she decided to make baked goods instead and sell those. “For every bread they buy, they feed a dweller.” 10% of the earnings go towards feeding the needy.

Hiraya sa Lansangan.jpeg

Hiraya sa Lansangan.jpeg

“Ang saya kasi kahit hindi ako humingi ng donations, people were still donating. That’s why we were able to feed over 1,000 street dwellers since this started 4 months ago.

More power to you, Kia!

If you’d like to donate or volunteer, please visit their Facebook page here.