This Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant — Here’s What Happened

A woman just got the surprise of her life after she discovered that she conceived another baby in the womb while already pregnant!

The British mom, named Rebecca Roberts, had experienced a condition known as “superfetation” which was so rare that only a handful of cases have ever been reported. In an interview with CNN, Rebecca explained that the ultrasounds at weeks 7 and 10 depicted her only ever having one baby until a scan at week 12 showed that a twin had suddenly popped up.

Apparently, the second twin, who will eventually be born as baby Rosalie, had been conceived three weeks later than her brother, baby Noah, due to how the fertilized eggs were released and implanted in the womb separately and at different times. Typically, when one is expecting, the body undergoes hormonal changes that stop it from conceiving again at that time, which wasn’t the case at all for Rebecca.

Rebecca noted that she had been undergoing fertility treatments prior to her pregnancy but her obstetrician David Walker claims that it may not be the cause of her superfetation, considering how there’s not that much known about the rare condition.

Thankfully, though, both babies were born safe and healthy! Rebecca gave birth through Caesarean section in September 2020, six weeks earlier than her due date, and both were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. Noah was 4 pounds, 10 ounces, while Rosalie was 2 pounds 7 ounces at the time.

Now, Rebecca documents the everyday goings-on at her house with her adorable Super Twins on Instagram! See their photos below:

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