This Woman Ended Up Paying Php103K for a Subway Sandwich at an Airport

A woman ended up paying way more than what she had intended to for a simple Subway footlong she bought as a snack upon arriving home from a vacation abroad.

Jessica Lee from Perth, Australia explained through a Tiktok that has since gone viral that she was fined a whopping 2,664 AUD (approximately PHP 103,334) for half a Subway sandwich she left uneaten inside her bag from a layover in Singapore, simply because she forgot to declare it upon arriving at the airport in Australia.

jessica lee subway tiktok

“It is my mistake but, like, I bought a foot-long Subway at Singapore Airport because I was a hungry girl after my 11-hour flight. I ate six inches before my second flight and then saved the other six inches for the flight,” she said in the video.

“I thought the little declaration thing you do is for your carry-ons and your luggage, so I didn’t tick chicken and I didn’t tick lettuce. Chicken and lettuce!”

She was then informed that she had only 28 days to pay the steep fine, which she admitted won’t be easy for her. “I quit my job before this trip, and I have rent to pay.”

According to the Australian Border Force website, most food and drink items are required to be declared upon entry in accordance with the country’s strict biosecurity procedures which are in place “to prevent the introduction of harmful pests and diseases.”

Watch her video below:

@_jessicaleeee Australian government tings ?? starting that OF back up again to SURVIVE the next few months #fyp #australia #subway #boujee ♬ original sound – Jessica Lee

Despite losing money, Jessica later claimed that “every single cent” was worth it upon receiving a gift package from Subway that included a gift card worth the same amount as her fine.

Lesson learned: don’t forget to declare your items at customs!

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