This Wall-Mounted Phone Holder Lets You Watch Your Favorite Shows in the Shower

Surely a lot of us have been so engrossed with certain shows or movies that we try not to put our phones down; there’s just a lot to be missed! We know that bringing our phones to the toilet is pretty much an accepted norm. Have you ever wanted to bring your phone into the shower, too? Or maybe you need something to hold your phone in the kitchen while you watch recipe videos?

Here’s the simple solution!

This wall-mounted phone holder allows you to freely use your phone whether you’re in the shower or in the kitchen. This phone holder is basically a safe enclosure for your device when you need extra protection in high-risk spaces.

phone holder cover 1

Photo from Shopee

It’s waterproof so it’s safe to use in the shower. It also features an anti-fog transparent slot for you to be able to see and use the screen.

Many reviewers have shared how this nifty phone holder allowed them to enjoy their favorite shows even in the shower.

Having a waterproof phone holder like this definitely opens up more possibilities!

Buy this wall-mounted phone holder here!

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