This Tinder profile shows you just what you need to up your dating app game!

If you’re stuck in a slump and just don’t seem to be making any interesting matches (on whatever dating app you use), then consider this profile make-over. Sure, putting your most attractive foot forward is the safest way to go but sometimes you just need a little bit more. And this Tinder user confirms that his “extra” efforts worked better than he expected.

My cousin’s tinder profile is so extra 😂P. S. Go check him out on IG @vannimals ✌️

Posted by Alexandra Angeles on Thursday, January 4, 2018

What Vann does is break who he is down into 6 slides (5, if you don’t count the ‘title’ slide). The first photo in your profile should just be an introduction. It should explain why your profile looks this way, and why they should continue clicking on.

The second slide is all about ‘the benefits’. These are the reasons someone would ‘swipe right’ or date you! Personally, the standouts on this profile for me are “Has a Shakey’s Supercard” and “Lasallian so very rich (in animo spirit)”. Everyone looks for humor and food perks in a potential partner!

Vann’s third photo lists everything that he drinks. Obviously, this profile doesn’t have to be followed exactly. The point of this one is just to showcase something you feel is a big part of your life. And something you can play around with to make cute and funny. Maybe a chart of your favorite dog breeds or ranking of certain food.

Bravely, the fourth photo is a list of flaws. Just like a job interview, though, the flaws should always be endearing or actually hint towards a benefit. The great thing about an honesty slide is that it shows how genuine you are.

Of course, because you can’t be fully trusted to talk about yourself it’s good to get recommendations from others. People will never know whether others actually said those things or not, but at the very least it could be a good laugh.

The last photo has to be the clincher. You’ve shown them your benefits, your personality — the only thing left is to seal the deal and prove they can’t let you get away. A great example is: “Will put as much effort on you as I did on this presentation.”

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At the end of the day, this isn’t a strict guide. The point is to just think outside of the box and come up with your own kind of profile that perfectly represents you. Do whatever you feel is right.

Would you swipe right on a profile like this? Why or why not? 


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