This Tent Becomes Your Personal Bathroom When Camping

As someone who constantly needs to go to the bathroom, it’s always a horror when I’m outdoors, there are no toilets around and I suddenly get the urge to go. I’ve been through this exact situation many times and it would have helped if I had something that could’ve given me the privacy to do my business.

If you’re like me, then you would also probably delighted to know that there is now a solution to our problem—specifically when we’re camping.

This special tent basically works as a “bathroom” when you’re out camping. It gives just enough room for a person to sit (or stand), effectively giving privacy to anyone who needs to go.

bathroom tent 1

Photo from Lazada

This tent has a small opening where you can prop up a makeshift shower. It also has a few compartments where you can place your shampoo and soap, plus a place to hang your clothes and towels. It’s an all-in-one bathroom/toilet tent!

It’s also very portable, making it easy to bring when hiking or camping.

If you’re planning on going on camping trips or road trips, this bathroom tent is a must-have.

Buy this bathroom tent here!

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