This tempura has over 50,000 Twitter followers and it’s so cute

Much like in Toy Story, do you ever wonder what food does when you’re not looking? Well I can’t say the same for all, but this tempura seems to have its own life and it’s being documented for the world to see. As if that’s not adorable (but strangely absurd too) enough, people are loving it! The little tempura has over 50,000 Twitter followers and over 5,000 on Instagram, all of them following his little antics and adventures everywhere.

If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant and see the replica food they display, it’s actually just a replica of a tempura, one of the plastic versions they display behind glass to let you see what the food looks like. But this hasn’t stopped it from being a beloved social media star by the Japanese. It’s so cute! And it has more followers than me!

Looking comfy, Mr. Tempura.

People are talking about how they now want to have a tempura as a pet. And we don’t blame them. It’s so cute.

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