This Taxi Driver Tried To Charge Tourists P6,000 For A Trip From NAIA Terminal 3 to 1

A white taxi driver attempted to trick a group of Chinese tourists into paying an exorbitant amount for a roughly 6.4-kilometer ride, the Manila International Airport Authority reports. The cab driver transported the group from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 to Terminal 1, which only takes about 15 minutes. He then proceeded to trick the group into paying a Php 6,000 fare.

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Ms. Wang Wei and her friends had just arrived from Dumaguete at Terminal 3 and were rushing to take another flight back to China at Terminal 1. Due to the stress and pressure, they decided to give in and pay the driver the amount he requested, which he told them was already “discounted”.

Knowing better, they approached the T1 Terminal police station for assistance in righting the situation. After explaining how they were coerced into paying the fare the T1 police coordinated with the T3 police in order to apprehend the taxi driver. As an alarm was issued to all police units against the taxi’s license plate officials were able to catch and arrest the driver. They found him queuing at Terminal 3’s taxi lane “waiting for his next victim.”

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However, while they were able to recover the Php 6,000 the Police Intelligence and Investigation Division (PIID) requires Ms. Wang Wei to file a formal complaint affidavit in person. Meaning, a case against the driver may not be pushed if she does not return to the Philippines.

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