This Talk Show Hosted by 3 Drag Queens Promises to be Your New Addiction

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The local drag scene is certainly thriving during the pandemic. Bars may be closed but that means these stunning, talented, and funny girls could bring their shows online (if you want to know more about them, check out the first part of our series featuring local drag queens). Three of our favorites are getting together for LSD, an online show that promises to be your new addiction.

LSD stands for Love, Sex, and Drags and will talk about everything covering those three topics. The show will be hosted by top drag queens MC Black and Mrs. Tan, featuring Eva Le Queen.

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“LSD is addictive. This is the show that will give its audience a different kind of ‘high’ by talking about the things that many people in our culture and generation obsess about – love, sex, and drag! It will stimulate you and leave you wanting for more,” says Eva Le Queen.

The show started when Mrs. Tan and MC Black were doing a Facebook Live. They were talking about finding love in the drag scene, which stretched on for hours and had viewers sharing their thoughts in the comments section. According to Eva, “That beautiful exchange of wisdom and experiences gave us the idea that the M&M tandem should have their own show. And what better way to have it produced than with no less than the premier and only drag content provider in the country, Drag Playhouse PH.”

Viewers can expect new and exciting topics, talented guests, drag performances, and “sickening” looks. LSD will feature three segments: the first will be a discussion featuring letters from drag and LGBTQ+ members seeking advice, while the second will be a drinking session with a special guest. The last will be a photo review where they critique looks.

The segment we’re excited to see is Oh, Pare Ko!, where they invite straight men for healthy conversations to foster a friendly relationship between the two without any sexual tension. Eva says, “This hopes to educate the general public that such a bond between heteros and the LGBTQ community is possible, if only people are able to talk and listen to each other with mutual respect.”

When we asked Eva to describe the show, she said, it’s “very informative, witty, and stupidly hilarious at the same time.”

We’re definitely excited for this!

LSD streams every Tuesday at 8PM on

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