This student-led initiative is spreading awareness on climate change and fast fashion

A group of students from St. Paul Pasig have decided to band together in order to better educate people about fast fashion and its effect on the environment. They’ve teamed up with local thrift shops and abaca shops in order to promote their products and lessen the environmental burden that fast fashion has on the planet. Many fashion brands resort to fast fashion, a hefty weight to the waste that the world is now plagued with.

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They also want to encourage leadership in terms of the protection of the environment and sustianability in order to safeguard our natural resources.

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In line with this, they also want to promote the Kulitan alphabet, a Kapampangan alphabet that was widely used but later replaced by the Latin alphabet.

Support their cause by visiting any of their social media links below. Let’s help out Mother Earth and take care of her as best as we can!
IG: sampaga.mnl
Twitter: sampaga_mnl