This Street Vendor Was Paid With Fake Bills and Has His Livelihood Harmed

It’s always terrible to hear stories of people being tricked out of their hard-earned money but it’s even worse when we see those already less fortunate as the victims. It’s hard to imagine who could possibly think to target people who live from day to day. Which is probably why An Ge Lie’s post about lolo Solomon became so viral. 

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She recounts her experience of meeting lolo Solomon, a banana vendor,  at the New Market Place Minglanilla Cebu. An Ge Lie came across the vendor and his wife just as the couple realized the bill was fake. It was apparently a counterfeit P1000 bill and the couple panicked as they had also given the customer P900 in change. 

scammed street vendor

The two were quite despondent as that amount of money would mean a big loss in their income. An Ge Lie was so moved by their story she decided to post it online as a call to action. And it worked! 

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Several locals offered to help lolo Solomon out and even gave donations to the couple. Though the full amount cannot be disclosed, rest assured lolo Solomon and his wife have made back the money stolen from them with some extra to help them along.  

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