This Stray Cat Needs Your Help! 

A stray cat named Seven needs your help.

Seven is a thin, one-eyed and homeless two-year old cat who’s one of the many, many stray cats in the Metro. Fortunately, there are people who are very much willing to adopt him. The thing is, these people live on the other side of the earth, specifically in Canada.

Thus, they set-up a Go Fund Me account to ask help from people all over the world on the expenses in order for Seven to be able to travel all the way to Canada and be with his new family.

Here’s their full post below.


“My brother recently moved to the Philippines and last month his daughter Mikayla visited him for three weeks. During her visit she encountered a stray cat, that frequently hung around the Plaza. We presume he is only about two years old. He has one eye, and is very thin. Needless to say, he is in dire need of medical attention. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty in Manila and locals are not very compassionate when it comes to animals. Given the circumstances, I’m not sure how much longer he will be around. My brother would adopt him, but regrettably the management of the condominium he resides in, prohibits pets.

My sister in law has a flight booked from March 18th to April 8th. I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to come to Canada. As he would be able to fly back with her. However, she is flying through China Eastern Airlines and they have a strict policy, that would require him to be quarantined in China for one week. This will not be conducive, for either of them, since she will have to return to work, and it would cause more stress and anxiety for Seven.

After further research we discovered that Philippine Airlines, offers direct flights from Manila to Vancouver/Toronto. This option would be ideal, but when she inquired with the travel agent, she was advised that the ticket is 100% non-refundable, if she made changes she would lose the entire value of the ticket, and would have to purchase an entirely new ticket, which we simply cannot afford.

I contacted a few different organizations like HSI, OSPCA, and Soi Dog Foundation, in hopes that they could assist in locating a flight volunteer, or suggest another alternative, but no luck. So, I did more extensive research and discovered a company called Alliance Intl Movers & Logistics Solutions. They are a member of IPATA- Pet Shipping Experts. I sent them an email to get an estimate for their service.

For origin services, to include pickup within Metro Manila and delivery to airport, export permit processing, export clearance + airport expenses at Manila Airport, handling and documentation. I was quoted US $475.

In addition, Airfreight costs from Manila to Toronto, will be based on rate per kg depending on total volume/chargeable weight,  – based on kennel measurement 28 in length (estimated volume weight 28-30kgs) approximate airfreight costs is US$1100 inclusive of kennel transit/airline agent fees depending on airline. But excludes customs clearance at destination airport. These numbers also do not include other expenses, such as a health certificate, rabies vaccination, flea and tick treatment,  neutering, etc.

We would love to bring him back to Canada, and give him the loving home he deserves, with his new feline brother Ace. But we cant do this without you. Help us create a better life for Seven! Every dollar counts, and no donation will not go unnoticed! Thank you!”

If you’re willing to help Seven have a better life, you may visit the link here.

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