This Soap Dispenser Creates That Trending Flower-Shaped Foam

If you’ve been spending a lot of time on Tiktok, you might have seen a lot of cool and unique stuff from all over the world. One super cool thing that has trended online for the longest time is those cute liquid handsoap bottles from Japan.

What sets these soap bottles apart is that they dispense foam that’s shaped like a small flower. You can just imagine how many people instantly fell in love with such a simple thing.

flowersoap bottle 2

Photo from Shopee

Thanks to Shopee, you won’t have to travel all the way to Japan just to get these flower-dispensing hand soap bottles! Yes, you can also enjoy tiny flower-shaped soap foam when you’re washing your hands thanks to this bottle.

flowersoap bottle 1

Photo from Shopee

It can hold up to 300mL of hand soap. Because it’s a refillable bottle, you can still choose your favorite soap and scent for daily use.

The elegant design makes it look great in your bathroom, too!

Buy this flower soap dispenser here!

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