This smart mask helps make sure we no longer lose personal connections

Wearing a face mask in public has become a requirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect oneself and other people, covering your nose and mouth is a small sacrifice that can help prevent the spread of the infection. However, wearing one has somewhat affected our personal connections. Since our faces are always concealed, it is sometimes difficult to identify who is behind the mask and it is also difficult to recognize facial reactions.

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Now, LEAF Mask is trying to solve this issue.

LEAF Mask is an FDA-registered transparent mask that features N99-standard air filtering abilities that self-purifies due to its built-in UV-C light.

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Its transparent build is made of medical-grade silicone that guarantees a universal fit. The filters are located around the chin, keeping your nose, mouth, and cheeks visible even when wearing this mask. Theoretically, it can unlock your smartphone via facial recognition. With every breath, the air passes through the filters, working much like a normal mask would by giving you 99% pure air.

The LEAF mask has an antifogging feature, which prevents it from getting cloudy when breathing into it.

Another amazing feature of this mask is that it is reusable. It has long-lasting filters that will help you do your part in protecting our environment. Active sterilization makes the filters last for up to a month.

Photo from: Redcliffe Healthcare on

This face mask will be available in four sizes to cater to both kids and adults.

The LEAF face mask is created by ASV Designs.

Check the LEAF mask at Indiegogo.

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