This Skincare Regimen Will Help You Achieve “Glass Skin” Like Your Favorite K-Pop Star

Words by Misha Fabian

Images by Heather Co

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Over the years, beauty trends have come and gone. People have been discovering more and more ways to improve both their outer and inner well-being and have found ways to share these discoveries to the rest of the world. One such trend is Glass Skin, named aptly because the attainment of such would mean having a poreless, glowy, and extremely smooth complexion- just like glass!

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This trend was first popularized in South Korea where Korean beauty icons and pop idols have practiced meticulous skincare routines that are aimed at achieving Glass Skin. Watching K-Dramas, I am not only amazed by how brilliant or kilig-inducing the storylines are- I also marvel at how beautiful and flawless the characters appear. Now, you might wonder: How can I achieve Glass Skin? Well, look no further. Fresh Formula has the answer for you.

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fresh formula 5

With the tagline “Skincare made better”, Fresh Formula has designed its products to target the top three skin concerns: acne, dryness, and dullness. To combat these skin issues, the brand came up with kits that are designed to target a specific problem area.

They have the Blemish Rescue Series which combats acne and prevents its return, the Moisture Boost Series which amps up the moisture level of the skin to keep it feeling light and supple, and of course, the Glass Skin Series, designed to polish and renew skin in order to achieve that Korean icon-like complexion.

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The brand positions itself as affordable and effective skincare and, for more reasons to love it, all the products are vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and are made fresh to ensure the highest quality skincare possible. 

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Take your skincare to a whole new level with Fresh Formula! What are you waiting for?

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