This Silicone Boot Will Protect Your Water Bottle Wherever You Go!

You might be noticing lately that everywhere you go, everyone’s got something in common. In fact, there’s a high chance that you—the one reading this—has it too. I’m talking about the water bottle that seems to have become the Filipino’s favorite thing to own: the Aquaflask.

Owing it all to its affordable price, wide variety of colors, and premium quality, the Aquaflask has taken households by storm. Even my family’s in on the trend: one Aquaflask for every member, and in our favorite colors too!

With such a nifty thing to have to keep us hydrated everywhere we go, we ought to make sure they last as long as they should, which means preventing any dents and scratches at the bottom of the bottle. And we found the exact accessory that it calls for on Shopee.

aquaflask silicon boot

Silicone Protection Boot

The Aquaflask Silicone Protection Boot is a sleeve that you put at the bottom of your water bottle that will protect it from scratches and prevent it from accidentally slipping off surfaces every time you put it down. It’s made with high quality BPA-free silicone that’s easy to clean and safe for all. Whether you’re lugging it around during your outdoor activities or even while doing your leisurely shopping, this silicone boot is a definite must-have for your flask! BUY it here!

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative…

Want a more affordable option or a wider range of colors? This unbranded Silicone Protective Boot will do just fine! For the best fit, measure the bottom diameter of your bottle with a ruler to see what boot size fits. BUY it here!

cheap silicon water bottle boot

How about something much cuter and eco-friendly?

A crotched protective boot is the one for you! It comes in different colors too to match your bottle perfectly and keep it snug wherever you go. It’s also made-to-order, so make sure you’ve got the size right! BUY it here!

crotchet water bottle boot

Find more water bottle accessories on Shopee!

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