This Shrek workout will get you singing to All Star over and over because Shrek is love

In a time where we’re all pretty beaten down by the state of the world, it’s difficult to find motivation to work out, move about, and get active. I think I speak for at least a few people when I say that I just want to lay in bed as this whole thing goes on, too miserable to move. Well, have no fear (or a little fear is fine, you gotta stay safe, after all)! This super fun workout is here!

If you’re like me and you love Shrek and all the memes it’s spawned (and who doesn’t????), you will love this workout. It’s fun, upbeat, and it’s all to the songs in the hit movie Shrek! Youtuber emkfit loves creating workouts around musicals or certain artists and they’re all so much fun because she has so much personality! She’s supportive, lifts you up, and laughs along with you–not to mention her sense of humor is great, too.

Check out the workout here:

She also has others like Mamma Mia, Broadway, etc. It’s fantastic. She’s great.

Will you be doing the workouts? Let us know!

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