This Shoe Repair Man’s Son Is Graduating As Summa Cum Laude

A shoe repair man’s son is finishing college with flying colors.


21-year-old Jireh Bautista will be receiving his bachelors degree in computer science at the Cebu Institute of Technology – University, where he will be graduating as summa cum laude.

Jireh Bautista has been a consistent achiever from when he was young — he was the valedictorian of his batch in both elementary and high school! Goes to show that anyone can be successful with hard work.

Jireh’s father is a shoe repair man, while his mother is a housewife. Jireh helps the family through the stipends he receives from his scholarship grants.

The 21-year-old, who wants to be a software engineer, will be taking a short rest after graduation, despite receiving several job offers from companies.

How inspiring!

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