This Restaurant in Makati is Every Meat Lover’s Paradise!

Article by Michelle Tiu / Photography by Mark Anastacio / Graphics by Sheena Dy

Originally located in Paranaque,  The Smoking Joint has now reopened in a tucked away location in Makati, promising an improved and expanded menu to serve both meat lovers and non-meat lovers alike.

With the amount of smokehouses and restaurants budding around the area, The Smoking Joint sets itself apart by not only serving low and slow-cooked smoked ribs and briskets that just melt in your mouth, but also by fostering a safe haven for catching up with friends.

If you’re not a meat lover, The Smoking Joint will change your mind. The best way to get that full smoked meat experience is by having a platter of everything smoked. The Smoking Joint offers a Meat Platter, which includes smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken, smoked beef brisket, smoked sausages, smoked ribs, and your choice of sides along with dips. It has a huge serving for its price, making it a good barkada dish.

All Meat Platter – Php2,200

Here in The Smoking Joint every piece of meat in The Meat Platter is a product of utmost patience. The result? Soft meat that falls off the bone and melts in your mouth! In addition, the secret homemade rub applied to the meat instantly gives it a distinct flavor.

The smoked chicken, on the other hand, is cooked with such perfection that it also falls off of the meat, but still maintains the firm texture of the meat itself. The smoke pulled pork also has a layer of homemade rub and is best paired with a cup of rice.

My personal favorites are the sausage, smoked bacon and smoked beef brisket. Not only are they soft, but they are also chewy and easy to eat. The bacon and beef brisket are so flavorful that you won’t even need the dip. This is great news for people who are not a fan of condiments.

Mac N Cheese – Php155

There are plenty of sides to choose from; but if you want something that will fill your stomach, I highly recommend the Mac ‘N Cheese with its gooey, melting cheese! Amazingly, this dish won’t make you feel sick, but will actually satiate your hunger while going well with any dish. If you’re looking for something light, though, make sure to try out their golden fries and bibingka corn bread.

Corned Beef Sisig with Flat Pandesal – Php355

Not a smoked meat lover? No worries! The Smoking Joint also serves classic Filipino dishes with a twist. Their version of sisig makes use of chopped smoked pig’s face mixed with homemade smoked corned beef and bits of crispy chicharon. Served alongside is flat pandesal, which can be filled with the sisig for a new type of sisig eating experience.

Calamansi Cream Pie – Php150

The holy grail of every meal is definitely the dessert. Chef recommends the calamansi cream pie, which is Smoking Joint’s take on key lime pie. Its crust is soft to give more space and emphasis to the cold, sweet-sour taste of the calamansi cream. This dessert is highly recommended after a whole meal of barbecued smoked meat as every taste of it is so refreshing that it seemingly cleanses the palate.

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Aside from the good food, another notable feature of The Smoking Joint is their overall dining experience. With the dark, warm lights and simple, rustic interior, the place gives off a laidback vibe for every visitor to enjoy.

Also, drop by every 4:20 in the afternoon to enjoy Happy Hour! Who knows? This place might just turn out to be your next favorite hangout place to take a quick break over good food, drinks, and company. Now we certainly know why they have frequent, loyal customers around, especially on weekends!

The Smoking Joint

2285 Chino Roces Ave. Ext Makati City, Green Sun Hotel Makati

Instagram: @thesmokingjointbbq


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