This rainbow lasted 9 hours and made it to the Guinness World Record

9 hours rainbow taiwan 1

When I see a rainbow, I consider it a sign that something fortunate might happen that day.

Seeing a rainbow is almost always a welcome sign of good things to come. Most of the time, we only see a quarter of a rainbow or half a rainbow, so it’s really amazing (and rare) when we see a full rainbow. Sometimes, the rainbow we see is close to disappearing that it can be blurred.

Anyway, on November 30 in Taiwan, two professors saw a rainbow and found out that one can last up to 9 hours.

The professors were from the Chinese Culture University’s Department of Atmospheric Science. They documented what may be the most enduring light show ever.

According to their documentation, the rainbow appeared from 6:57 AM to 3:55 PM, a duration minutes shy of 9 hours.

Chou Kun-hsuan, one of the professors, described it as “a gift from the sky.”

They shared some photos on the school’s Facebook page.

9 hours rainbow taiwan 5 9 hours rainbow taiwan 4 9 hours rainbow taiwan 2 9 hours rainbow taiwan 6 9 hours rainbow taiwan 3

On March 17, the rainbow has made it to Guinness World Record as the “longest-lasting rainbow, according to a Taiwanese media.

*All photos from Chinese Culture University’s Department of Atmospheric Science FB page

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