This Purple Gardening Tool Set Is a Must-Have for Every Plantita!

These purple gardening tools are super cute and they come in a set inside a purple toolbox which is, of course, also super cute!

The gardening kit that is available on Shopee will cover all your gardening needs such as digging, weeding, raking, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, pruning, and watering! It is suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening and a perfect gift for plantitas (a.k.a. you)!

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The set comes in a toolbox with designated slots for each tool for easy storage and classification. Inside it are 4 shovels  (big sharp and round shovels, and small sharp and round shovels) which surfaces’ paint are baked in order to prevent rust and make them easy to clean. Screen Shot 2021 05 23 at 1.14.41 AM

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It also includes two stainless steel shears (pruning shears and hedge shears) that are rust-proof and long-lasting, do not snap easily, and sturdy to help you get the job done efficiently. They also have a security lock to keep them safe.

Lastly, there are two different-sized rakes, a spray bottle, and a weeding knife.

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Each tool is designed ergonomically so plantitas will not have a hard time with their hobby. They all have a soft handle with a good skid performance to reduce arm fatigue.

This gardening set truly has all the basic hand tools that you will need for taking care of your flower bed, yard, and garden so check out this product on Shopee now while it is on sale!

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