This public school teacher needs help getting printed modules for her students in Negros

With the quarantine still in place, many schools have had to push for different kinds of classes–online, modular, etc. making it more difficult for some students to attend classes and finish schools. But there’s another group having a difficult time n0w–teachers. Many of them who have to switch to modular learning are having difficulties trying to get their modules together because of lack of resources and the difficulties of getting to their students in the first place.

One teacher in particular needs and her brother is the one asking for it, wanting to assist her in getting bond paper and printers to be used for their students’ modules for 2020-2021.

“The Schools Division of our City discouraged the teachers to post online asking for donations, it should be through Solicitation Letter. But I’m just making an initiative to tweet online, to help my sister buy her own printer and reams of bondpaper…

for her to print the modules at home nalang. Para nadin hindi na sya araw-araw mag-commute for almost an hour papuntang school nila, para nadin makaiwas sa COVID-19,” he said.

Let’s help out!

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