This Pinoy received the Golden buzzer in ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

Filipino artist Shadow Ace received a Golden Buzzer for his “hand shadow show” at AXN’s ‘Asia’s Got Talent.’ The 20-year-old wowed the crowd with his simple yet entertaining show.

David Foster said, “It’s a silly little thing, I guess, to say, play with your hands and make figures like that. But, I tell you, I forgot that they were hands. They were people to me. Good job, man.” Anggun then added, “I’m glad that you are on this show, really. I loved that performance.”

While Jay Park claimed that he is pretty much the best one they’ve seen using this art form. He explained, “I thought the pole dancing and the hula-hoop thing was brilliant. We’ve seen some shadow shows and this by far was the best one.

What do you guys think of his performance?