This Pinoy Collector Built Pokemon-Themed Workstations

Many remote and hybrid workers have spent the past year-and-a-half investing in their home work stations. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful transformations and office designs on social media, but one Pinoy collector took it to the next level.

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Photo from Vince Lubuguin

Vince Lubuguin, a 2D and 3D Architectural Technical Officer based in Singapore, went viral all over social media with his Pokemon-themed workstations. Yes, he’s got multiple Pokemon workstations.

Lubuguin started collecting Pokemon items 20 years ago in 2001. He shares with that being a homebody during his childhood pushed him to start collecting Pokemon toys.

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Photo from Vince Lubuguin

“Toys have always been one of the things that made my childhood alive and full of happiness, ” he shares.

Having two sets of Pokemon collections, each in the Philippines and Singapore, Lubuguin turned these into his work sanctuary at home.

He shares that he started building his Pokemon workstations when Singapore first announced a lockdown in April of 2020.

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Photo from Vince Lubuguin

“I felt that having an ordinary work setup makes that ambiance quite boring, so I thought of designing a fun and unique workspace using my toy collection so that I would be much more productive working from home,” Lubuguin shares.

From there, he now has four Pokemon-themed stations: the Bulbasaur Station, Charmander Station, Squirtle Station, and the Secret Garden Gaming Station which features all three themes and Togepi.

pokemon workstation 4

Photo from Vince Lubuguin

One look at each of his Pokemon workstations and anyone will feel like a child again!

Even now that Lubuigan has gotten back to office work, he announced that he will continue building Pokemon workstations. Pikachu, Snorlax, and Eevee will be among the highlights in the near future.

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Vince Lubuigan has also created an Instagram account dedicated to his Pokemon collection and workstations. So, if you’re a huge Pokemon fan or you just love seeing cool things, check it out through this handle: @viince.

Seeing his unique workstations suddenly makes us want to recreate our own home offices and start collecting cool stuff!

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