This organization gave women contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancies during the ECQ

The enhanced community quarantine has a lot of us waiting indoors and hoping for the best for everyone. It’s a nerve-wracking time for everybody and for anything else to go unplanned would be difficult. And while that applies to a lot of things, we think it’s especially urgent in terms of family. Unplanned pregnancies, especially during the time of an enhanced community quarantine, just don’t sound very ideal at all.

This is where Roots of Health stepped in. Understanding that unplanned pregnancies would likely be on the rise during the quarantine, they administered injectable contraceptives to women in order to keep them from getting pregnant for the next three months.

“We know that under these dire circumstances, getting pregnant would be difficult, especially with limited economic opportunities and access to healthcare facilities,” they wrote on their Facebook page.[0]=68.ARAC3_hhvmBLfiTvHiCxrrVRCJRZy4tE7-pLfSF5ULwrFyxPkVvJiF3iwTV6yGaqJBLkZRDi3bFah9ArspAJOP0_HwjUOFcvmVQP-CYd4vtYMZlIlHyqYNs485YLa56nRsfRNjxZHwgEC-27LkCus8QyOl1fZZ7rej3jAY9mrSliLl7pfoWq8QtiK5QIYKPe4UD-DSYopdaDp56PzXVFg9LqkyNLJ9bsPQlCndN59bvvSoju46XeNKbxsf3udNHne-3ZFZoCICK6eZTEnZpMd4XwjHSSCJF7VnN6qvgOab3YxmCpZu81biaTg3fbKF0W-qOmc5ntQyDk3bsNhGMe&__tn__=-R

“The DMPA prevents pregnancy for up to three months, so these women have one less thing to worry about during the quarantine.”

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