This older sister learned something valuable about grades and happiness from her baby brother!

With siblings, it often feels like a rivalry. One besting the other, constant tension, all that. But with this older sister and her younger brother, it feels a little sweeter!

In a Twitter thread that quickly made its rounds, @julyangarsiya narrated how she realized something when she saw her brother’s grades and compared it to her own. The poster figured out that, even though she had the quantitatively higher grades, her brother was also enjoying himself more.

She realized that things were ultimately about what made her and her brother happy. Grades are important, yes, and so is education, but we should never forget to live even outside of school and not make it our entire world.

Yung gusto ko lang iparating sa students ay don’t be too pressured about getting high grades to the point that they make school their whole world, because there’s a bigger world outside it.

We’re so inspired by this brother and sister! While she’s proud of herself for what she’s achieved, she’s also looking beyond just school and hoping for the best.

I’m beyond happy with my academic achievements but then I don’t feel so complete because I still don’t know the path I will take and then it feels like my only purpose is being at school and my world revolves around it.

We’re sure she’ll find her way. 🙂 And her brother is always there to help her, too. They’re there to balance each other out. Best of luck to them both!

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