This ninja museum was robbed in the middle of the night

It’s a sad day when you find out that a ninja museum, full of trap doors and hidden weapons, has been robbed in the dead of night by a group of burglars. Japan’s Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum was broken into at around 1:30 AM on Monday which triggered the building’s security system. However, when authorities arrived, the burglars had already escaped by then, smuggling over 1 million yen with them.

None of the museum’s attractions or artifacts were stolen or damaged as the burglars broke into the administrative office instead where the safe was, containing all the money from souvenir sales. One of the burglars was seen forcibly changing the camera angle of the security camera right before the crime was committed. The office is, unfortunately, not manned at night.

As with other establishments, the ninja museum is suffering in terms of sales because of the recent pandemic, making this crime a significant blow to their finances and all. We hope these ninjas regain their money and justice is served!

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