This Nifty Smartphone is All I Need for a Prime Travel Experience


Having trouble deciding what electronics to bring when traveling?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As a nomadic worker (and a leisure traveler at times), this has always been my problem.

In the past, travelers just brought a film camera to capture memories, and maybe a portable cassette player for a little entertainment, but those days were long gone.

Now, when you see the lobby of a hotel or enter your room in a backpacker’s inn, you will see a plethora of gadgets.

But, do you really need all those?

Honestly, the indispensable piece of travel technology that already satisfies all I need is my smartphone.


I carry a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

I’ve been using Samsung for several years and I can confirm that it is a reliable brand especially for someone who is always on-the-go. It makes being mobile easy and convenient as it has all the features I need to do my work even while on the road without compromising performance.

In my recent travel in Thailand, it was more than enough to keep all my music, video clips, photos, and apps. With its expandable memory up to 256GB via microSD card, I can store even more.

Additionally, the J7 Prime is easier to customize and way cheaper compared to other smartphones of similar caliber.


In Thailand, I bought a pre-paid SIM card that I used with my J7 Prime that has 7-day unlimited data for less than P300.

When traveling, and even when not, I use a ton of apps. And since I’m a nomadic worker, this means I can bring my work wherever I go, which is both a blessing and curse. Hence, I need apps that let me stay connected with my boss and my clients. Aside from Facebook Messenger, a few communications apps that I installed on my phone are Skype, Viber, and Telegram. With these on my phone, anyone who needs to stay in touch with me can easily do so… even my mom. LOL.

I also installed travel-related apps like TripAdvisor, AirBnB, and local apps like train maps. Since my phone runs on Android, it comes built in with Google Maps, and for frequent travelers, this is heaven’s gift. You can already plan out your itinerary for the day. Aside from that, you can discover spots like restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs, gas stations, and more near you on Google Maps.


Another helpful app on my J7 Prime is Google Translate. This comes in handy especially when traveling in countries where language is a barrier.

With the Octa Core Processor on my J7 Prime, I never need to worry about my phone lagging or hanging when I’m on the road. Even if I have installed a smorgasbord of apps, it still works pretty smoothly.


Whenever I travel, I often spend the entire day exploring the place. This means I’m outside walking the streets, visiting scenic spots, taking photos, and eating local delicacies. With the 3300mAh battery on my J7 Prime, it is enough to give power on my smartphone for the entire day on just a single charge. I still carry a powerbank just in case although I rarely use it.

Every traveler has it in them to take tons of photos. Most of us share our escapades on Instagram while some want to keep theirs intimate. I post one or two photos on Instagram whenever I experience something new, and thanks to my J7 Prime’s 13+8MP camera with F1.9 aperture, I can take amazing photos even in low light. While in Thailand, I even received a compliment saying the photos had a “photo-journalistic vibe”.


Here are other photos I took using the Samsung J7 Prime on my recent trip in Thailand.

Meeting the golden Buddhas in Wat Pho

samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-3 samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-1 samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-4

It was a little overcast that day, but look at the details


Ate some legit Pad Thai


Visited a vineyard in Khao Yai, unfortunately the grapes just got picked


We had a personal tour of the vineyard


And tried their wine!


We pigged out at times


We also visited Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai

samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-9 samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-10

And met a friendly dog in Wat Suan Dok


Overall, it was great to have the J7 Prime to take all these amazing photos

samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-12 samsung-galaxy-j7-prime-sample-photos-14

On top of its premium performance and features, the J7 Prime has a classy look and feel with its curved, all metal body. Its size is perfect for me as it can fit easily on my hand and in my pocket without any problem. It also feels durable such that I can just put it in my pocket without worrying that it might break easily.

I definitely got a prime travel experience with my Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. For only P13,990, you get premium design and prime performance. Learn more about it here and watch the video below and see why it’s your #TimeToPrime!

How about you? What’s your indispensable piece of travel tech?

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