This New Smartphone has a Rear Screen Display and We’re Legit Blown Away

Written by Gabriella Mercado

These days, people like to document every moment on the internet. From the big things like milestones, occasions, and travels, to the little things like nailing today’s make-up, ootds, and what’s for lunch. And how do we document all these memories? Oh, right. With that one little but amazing thing we all carry everyday. Our smartphones.

We basically rely on our smartphones for everything (you do, don’t @ me), for work, for music, for movies, for games, for staying updated with the news or your friends’ day, and heck, even for deliveries and laundry.

If you’re one of those people then you must be sporting a high-performance smartphone. You know, to keep up with your bustling lifestyle. With that said, can you imagine what it would do for you if you had a smartphone that has not one but two screens? One main screen at the front, and a second, smaller, but equally powerful screen at the back for quick access to your notifs and apps?

Imagine it. Here are 5 times you’ll need that rear screen in your life.

Meizu Pro7 Smartphone

5. When you want to stand out from the crowd.

It is so easy to cop-off any style or gadget influencers use. All smartphones these days look and perform alike, so why not set your smartphone apart with a dual-screen smartphone?

The new Meizu Pro7 smartphone was just unveiled in the Philippines this September and will be available to the Filipino market starting this October. The Meizu Pro7’s unique dual-screen feature will definitely be a highlight when people see it. Sure, the phone comes with many advanced features but the one thing that will amaze you is that pretty rear screen.

Meizu Pro 7 sets a new product category for mobile phones as it is the first of its kind. Should rear screens be a new thing in the near future (and it will be) know that Meizu did that first.

Meizu Pro7 Smartphone

4. When you just need a quick peek of your notifications.

So you’re in a meeting, or in class, or—I don’t know—on a date, and you really need to check your notifications for that important message you’ve been waiting for, but it would be totally rude to keep checking.

With a rear screen, you will not need to rely on your phone’s light notification or would you be unlocking your screen again and again to check. Not only does unlocking your phone constantly use up more battery power, but it can be much of a hassle. Plus, you wouldn’t want your company to think you’re uninterested in your meeting or date, right?

With Meizu’s innovative rear screen, you will be able to see all your important notifications while your phone is placed face-down on a table.

Meizu Pro7 Smartphone

3. When you need to take that high-resolution selfie.

Ever experience having the annoyance of having to take an “okay” selfie with your front camera? Commonly, the rear camera on smartphones have bigger and better megapixels, therefore giving you better pictures. You can use the rear display to view yourself from the back of your phone, and use the rear camera as well to take that bomb selfie!

Meizu Pro7 Smartphone

2. When you just need a no-fuss MP3 player.

These days, going retro can become quite the fad. The Meizu Pro 7 has a feature wherein you can enable an “MP3 mode” and only use your smartphone to play music, while your phone is technically off. Pretty cool, huh? This feature is especially ideal for long flights.

And how would you control your MP3 mode if the phone’s off, you might ask? Through the rear screen display, of course.

Meizu Pro7 Smartphone

1. When you’re just ready for a new, innovative smartphone.

As Barbey Stinson puts it, “new is always better.” We kinda agree. Especially when that something new comes in a packaging this sleek. Check out the outstanding beauty of the Meizu Pro7 here:

Can your current smartphone beat these specifications? Check out the new Meizu Pro 7 Smartphones in your nearest SM Malls and Robinson’s Malls.

Meizu Pro7


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