This muesli is worth getting out of bed in the morning

Staying fit and healthy has become a lot challenging now that we are still in lockdown.

Pulling yourself out of bed or couch to do some home workouts can be difficult because it’s just not as motivating as if you do it in the gym.

However, one way to stay fit and healthy even with diminished exercise is watching what you eat— and an enjoyable way for your tastebuds is by having this muesli from Muesli Eats— dubbed as local artisan cereals in the Philippines.

The journey to what Muesli Eats today started in December 2018, when Katrina Cantor’s (the owner) brother was gifted with nuts and dried fruits. She tried mixing them since she’s already familiar with muesli and because they love cereals even as adults. Coincidentally, the mixture turned out super good that they started researching on different mixes and variants of muesli to try.

Muesli Eats opened its doors in 2019 with the mission of spreading the love for healthier artisan cereals— sugar-free, preservative-free, and all-natural taking after their favorite desserts.

Later on, they added a twist to this healthy and fast-growing breakfast food as inspired by their local taste.

“Imagine all the superfood in one bowl that is convenient and ready to eat,” Cantor said.

Muesli Eats wants to share this with their customers by making it convenient and accessible with a vision to become the country’s leading brand of artisan and quality cereals yet easily accessible at the most reasonable price.

Variety of Flavors

Muesli Eats comes in a variety of flavors, which are designed after the Filipino palate and culture. “I believe that we have a penchant for sweet flavors – as we like our coffee and spaghetti sweet,” Cantor explained.

Here are the flavors from Muesli Eats:

a. Choco Chip – Just because you love chocolate chips doesn’t mean you have to give up it up when you opt to eat healthier. Muesli Eat definitely considered our love for chocolates so they made this variant.

b. Mocha Hazelnut – This coffee-inspired variant shows how much Filipinos love coffee that we even have coffee named after our mountains.

c. Mango Chia – Dried Mangoes our perfect pasalubong because why not? Filipinos are known worldwide for dried mangoes. This is one of their bestsellers as this is also perfectly combined with the popular superfood chia seeds.

d. Keto Crunch – For those who are on a low carb diet, the Keto Crunch is perfect. This grain-free cereal is designed carefully that they even consulted with a nutritionist and Low Carb/Keto diet coach.

Muesli Eats Keto Crunch

e. Original – For those who like it simple since that’s what muesli is really known for— nuts, seeds, and dried fruits— that’s all you’ll need. Really.

Muesli Eats continues to support sustainability projects and that we are contributing positively towards the environment as we try to reduce our waste as much as possible. The products are packed in pouches made of earth-friendly materials.

How to Order

You can order Muesli Eats online. Reach out to them on Facebook (, Instagram (, or Twitter (@eatsmuesli).

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